Kiddy pic coming sooooon

By: Mohd Taufiq and Nurfahimah Manchester UK

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Sunday, 4-May-2008 12:01 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Testing Camera Baru

Camera: Canon 40D
Lense: 17-85mm
Control Dial: Manual
ISO: 100
Model: Hamim Bazilah Mohd Taufiq
Venue: Heaton Park
Picture Style: Lanscape
Theme: Cherry Blossom
Photograsshoper: NMJ
accompanied Photograsshoper: Mum's of 5 Daras

Sunday, 23-Mar-2008 09:10 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Snowy Spring Here with Mek and Atuk

depan umah
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First experienced of mek and Atuk with snow here in Manchester..
Thanks Allah fo giving them this opportunity..
My two little Cheeky Bam Bam were so happy playing with them....
Manja laa (bukan manjalara)
Hope this always be forever..

Friday, 21-Dec-2007 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Happy 5th Anniversary to us

Lambat update..
busy like beeeeess
walaupun tarikh sudah lama berlalu,
but sentiasa terkenang dan of course senyum selalu
The most sweet, memorable, amazing, moment in my life..


p/s: tahun nih takde present cuma spent holiday for 3 days kat northwales and 22 ade buat makan2 sikit..hmm.. dah 5 tahun daaaa... but still rasa baru semlm sebut i do

Sunday, 9-Dec-2007 00:28 Email | Share | | Bookmark

Friday, 30-Nov-2007 14:35 Email | Share | | Bookmark
happy birthday puteriku sayang

hamim ber possing
dhodi pun sama
under the orangery trees
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It has been quite some time since my last entry. B.U.S.Y...Yes.. life has been busy, as always.(busy ape tah.. ) It's not my intention to put things on hold But, I just don't have the time + the mood. Bad time management and Bad mood I guess. ALASAN! A lot of things to do + all the emergency time came and go Actually I have around 10-20 entries waiting queuing in the ''unpublished'' folders but Malas ler nak berceloteh,takkan nak biar bisu jerk if I start to write I can not STOP.. it is not easy to stop 'GIAN' nanti all kerja rumah tunggang terbalik and pity to dhodi coz if his mummy start writing, he will end up play alone

Luckily, I have hubby yg really supportive sungguh dlm bab2 update mengupdate nih. Al-maklumlah, DieHard Fan FP nih everyday asked me to ''cepat lah update, dah ketinggalan, dah jadi history and boring dah tgk'' ...... HUH BORING YERK!!

And this time, I guess, I got the strength to update becoz today is my beloved Daughter's Birthday.. Happy besday sayang intan payung buah hati pengarang jantung puteri kesayang mummy and daddy.. panjang sungguh synonyms untuk dia. and remember just now when I wished her happy besday with this same synonyms, she asked, ''wat dat mummy?'' she didn't understand, then I said it back clearly, Happy besday sayang intan payung buah hati pengarang jantung puteri kesayang mummy and daddy.... and she totally lost and she only picked up one thing which is payung She knew that is Umbrella and she said '' Is it u want to buy me an umbrella as a present? so I translated it all in english '' Happy birthday my love my diamond, my umbrella, my sweet heart, my writer heart, etc and my beloved princess of mine and daddy NO LAH! I just joking I said to her that I love you so much and very the very much and I cant express it in words and i said you must love me as i do....

She is bigger now and she is grown up so much More independent, more creative, a bit talkative than before, less shy a 'bit' than before, and very rajin practice write her name, although She always misplace ''I'' coz excited write ''M'' twice . She already knew to write A B C D and certain others Alphabetical although not in correct order and she will write what she like most and of course the easier one . She also knew how to write 1 until 13, than she will say mummy enough I'm tired . She very good in learning but mummy dia kadang-kadang je rajin nak teach coz byk menduga iman sian kakak Half day without her (gi school) Made us (mummy and of course dhodi) BOORING so much. (Takde org merenggek kena buli) and the excitement came when time to pick her up from school, Dhodi said ''nak semput (jemput) kakak kat school'' . Sometime dhodi will ask me to ''semput'' kakak as early as 10.30 am (baru sejam setengah kakak gi school) And Hamim is really good in memorize things. She always remember us to read doa before eat and sleep. This also influenced dhodi so much.. GOOD KAKAK.


Pictures below was taken last month I guess, when all the trees start to show its beautiful color , went out with K fiza family , K zie family , and K wan family for autumn family outdoor portraits at Heaton Park. unfortunately , there was no more orangery trees except bold trees. when we saw a few orangery trees, then we stopped to snap a pictures, biar tepi jalan pun

Hamim with her favorite dress, she twirled round and round like ballerina, to make her dress look like princess dress... although the weather is a little bit cold but she did not want to wear her jacket coz nanti tak nampak her dress

Then, dhodi turn to poss, he wore shirt we bought a week before at TK MAXX, we called it shirt look alike hero hindustan, ''kashmir stylo'' susahnya nak captured his photos coz lasak as he is, busy picked up orange maple leaves, mat daun! if autumn jadi mat daun, if spring jadi mat bunga gasak ler dhodi janji macho ado . Last week dhodi not really well. he suffered from urine infection plus difficulty to pass urine ''wee wee''. why? hehehehe pnjg pulak le nak explain, kesian dhodi, emergency mummy dgn auntie fizza off to spital, but now he is getting better and kembali lasak as usual. Big boy already, see this vid: "when Cheeky Little bam bam (dhodi) read doa before going to sleep" ... mari kita ameen ramai2.. Ameeeeeeen vid was taken when he was 2 years and 3months and 8 days . Everynite, as routine, I will hear kakak read doa by herself before going to sleep (semak bacaan) and teach him (dhodi) to read coz i knew his is too small to memorize such a long doa. but that nite in sudden after kissed hamim he said '' mummy adik turn pulak and off he read by himself.. waaaa terkagum sekejap, can not belive he did it but with his on style le, although not perfect but i am really impressed! so the next day i ready with my hp to film dhodi read doa for daddy and wan and atuk to see. DHodi dah besarrr!! so by now I can teach him to read mukaddam . Jeles giler to hear my nephew which is standar 2 already going to sekolah tahfiz bila cuti sekolah.

Pictures below pulak is pics of '' 2 Jejaka yg bertakhta dihati mummy'' love them so much and much and much and much DOD'S DAD

and lastly... of course pictures of my beloved family.....

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