Kiddy pic coming sooooon

By: Mohd Taufiq and Nurfahimah Manchester UK

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Wednesday, 19-Nov-2008 20:59 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Hamim & Dhodi dan soalan2nya...

I just put my kids on their bed, before I update this entry. It took about 20 minutes to settle them down to sleep, I've been asked so many questions before I can switch off the light.. Just now dhodi asked me why did I put my hand on my head? so I said to him becoz I'm so tired, then he asked me again, ''why are you tired mummy?'' and I answered, ''Because you are not sleep yet and you asked so many questions'' , then dhodi asked again. Why are you tired, when I asked you so many questions?? hayyaaaaaaaaaaaa byk betul question mamat nih.. Time flying so so fast.. sometimes I didn't realize that dhodi is getting bigger. It is normal for kids at his age, ask so many questions until we do not know how to answer it. The best way is, to answer their question by link the aswer to the question that they asked before (jawapan nak melarikan diri dari ditanya berbagai soalan) better than answer 'I dont know' (nanti dia tanya why you dont know)

I remember last weekend. (We had a very wonderful weekend especially hamim coz she got her besday present in advance). We went to trafford centre just for a window shopping and loitering. Mummy stopped at Holland & Barrett to buy some banana chips (kerepek pisang - made in malaysia siut) and some nuts (kacang botak pedas - pun made in malaysia). As we walked around the mall, we talked about many things, included how the things are made and where are they come from. Inside the trafford centre there are few trees (palm trees) as decoration. When hamim saw it she said ''that trees should not be here mummy These trees should be at seaside (dia confuse pokok kelapa dgn pokok kelapa sawit) hm... She made me think, where the hell she can see coconut trees here in UK . After a while, I reliazed that I had brought her to the seaside in Kelantan 2 years ago when we went back to Malaysia for holidays... (kuat betul ingatan dia) . We must BEWARE!!! at this age they are very good in memorizing things. So keep teach them remember so many good things especially doa, surah2 al -quran, and sifir kalau boleh

In conclusion, ''joke of the day'' biasa le dari sapa lagii..... kalau tak si auta dhodi . It was happened on the way back from trafford centre, as dhodi keep munching nuts and he asked daddy... (see below conversation)

Dhodi: Daddy where the nuts come from?
(dgn seriusnya sambil makan kacang tanpa henti)
Daddy: Nuts same like potatoes, it can be found in the ground where the plant is..bla bla (jawapan sceintific lagi)
Dhodi: NO daddy, it's come from the SHOP! (dgn selamba sambil makan kacang)

kesian daddy

Saturday, 8-Nov-2008 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Autumn 2008

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Assalamualaikum to all...

It’s been a while but I was quite busy these past weeks. So not much time left to update here. Summer is long gone and we’re embraced by autumn. Big time! Heavy winds, gale force at times, rain and bla bla bla, mujur tak banjir je. Autumn has arrived again, bringing vibrant colours and leaves falling from trees. Yes indeed! I love autumn so much! for me autumn is the most beutiful season of all. This is the time when I unpacked all my winter clothes. Temperature keeps dropping everyday.. Freezingggg.... Alhamdullillah atas kurnian tuhan....

Not so much to write, update pun because ada yg menginfluence, sapa lagi kalau tak Sis Ita and Sis Aida... Jeles tgk outcomes foto shoot form them last saturday,. It was last minute plan. and as usual when it was last minutesdotcom, outcome mesti gempak!

The weather was quite nice that day. Sunny at most of the time. Thanks godness!. Kids mmg sgt2 happy.. running... playing... jumping... sukaaaa... tak sedar pun berhours2 we all lepak kat park.. Soprting lak nak ambik gambo coz dah buat janji.. sampai penat le mengambil gambar.. lapar pun lupa.....

Dari last 2 week mummy promised nak bring them to park, but dgn weather tak menentu ni, byk kali mungkir janji, Alhamdulillah kali nih berjaya..

Shooting kali ni best coz model2 semua sporting... so bila model2 pun supporting, gambo pun best! le... cuma tanah agak basah sikit, so takde le aksi golek2 and baring2.. Thanks K aida for the sporting poss! mmg mcm org gi honeymoon... heheheh

Thanks to K Ita too.. Dgn saya tak yah nak malu2... lagi malu lagi saya suruh macam2..hihihihihi

and not to forget.. Thanks tu Kayrol for captured our family outdoor potret.. really love it!

Shooting in mmg best and bermakna dgn kehadiran you all.... (Pic bawah ni semua pandang lain2 coz masing2 pandang camera hubby masing2 ikikikiikik sepontaneus hihihihi baru perasan bila k anis tegur)

Lain kali kita pi shooting lagiiiiiiii..... opsss lupa malas nak upload gambo byk2 so boley tilik gambar2 yg lain dlm this vid... enjoice!!!

p/s: to cikpuankesum saya guna lense Canon EF 24-70mm F2.8 (L)

Monday, 3-Nov-2008 13:02 Email | Share | | Bookmark
A new beginning.....


stay tune for more.................................

Wednesday, 29-Oct-2008 20:47 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Cheeky little dhodi


I have nothing much to write for this entry.. Since Dhodi keep asking me to put his picture on this fp, so I did this lovely picture for him ...... hope he like it....

I remembered one joke that dhodi made last 2 weeks when auntie Shifa' was here. It was happened while they were played together in their 'bedroom'..

Dhodi: Auntie do you know, what is my room name?

Shifa: No, I don't? so, what is your room name? (thomas ke, dora ke, coz hampir semua dlm bilik dia bertemakan that 2 characters)

Dhodi: B E D R O O M ! ! (Loud and clear and dgn muka confident)

kesian auntie shifa kena 'kencing'

You are my sunshine dear....

Picture above used:
Canon 40D
Canon EF-S60mm f/2.8 Macro USM
Canon Speedlite 580 EX II
ISO 400
Shutter Speed 1/30Sec.
ok tak??

Monday, 27-Oct-2008 12:38 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Proud to be her parent's....


The month of Syawal has flown by and been so busy. I have no will and mood to update my fp since there are so many things to do. But all of this is just an 'Alasan' .. biasalah . To 'cut short' the story.. and to not dissapoints Wan and mak ngah back home, here is the pictures of hamim with her certificates received at her school assembly. Mommy so proud of you darling... Sorry coz mommy always thought that you are not good as other kids, but now you proof me wrong! 2 months in a row you got something to proof it, that I'm am absolutely wrong.. Keep doing it hamimku sayang you have so many gifts that I'm not yet discover!!.. You are my little angel!! We love you so much!

She was so happy and excited when she showed me the first cert, in which that time I was in hurry picked her form school. On our way back, she told me, When, how and why she got it. I just congratulate her and I thought that it just normal (terpikir sbb hamim nih nampak lembik and slow je kat school, for the first few weeks of her reception asyik nagis jerk) and I thought all childrens got it.. but when the second one received, her own class teacher said to me.. ''you should be proud of her, she got another certificates at assembly, two months in a row '' and i was blushing (dlm hati bangga le jugak).Alhamdulillah.....

So.. The moral of the story... Never ever underestimate your children capabilities, they have so many years to show you one by one... just wait and pray...

Lastly, Selamat jalan dan berangkat to Baba long (Eid) ke makkah sebagai dr untuk org2 haji, dgn ucapan, kerja molek2, jaga diri.. and to all friends out there, especially for those who have daughter... let enjoy the song below..... ''In My Daughter's Eyes''

Oh terlupa... ade org tanya what is Hamim bazilah mean? so here is the answers: Hamim mean friend or people close to you, and Bazilah mean Clever or smart or bright or intelligent... ameeen... sesungguhnya nama itu sebahagian dari doa... hopefully dgn keizinan tuhan....ameen ya rabbal alameeen..

p/s: picture of hamim above taken by mummy using lense Canon 60mm f2.8.. ok tak??

to unnamed: Saya tak malu mencuba, at least saya mencuba, kalau salah saya tak kisah ditegur, saya masih belajar, dan akan terus belajar.. Apa2 bahasa pun saya tak expert, seperti unnamed. so betulkan apa yg salah. Tapi sekurang2nya saya tak guna bahasa yg kasar dan tak berpatutan... cheerioooo

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