Kiddy pic coming sooooon

By: Mohd Taufiq and Nurfahimah Manchester UK

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Friday, 6-Apr-2007 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Easter Break: Day 1- Windsor castle, Windsor.

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This Easter break we went to South East of England. We started our journey on Friday morning. Had a few difficulties before the journey start but managed to settle it. For more story you can browse this link here. Our journey took around 4 hours from Manchester to Windsor. At first, we went to Windsor castle. We just took a few pictures from the outside of the castle only since the visiting hour was already ended. The castle is looking beautiful and stunning from the outside. For your information, this castle actually was used for Prince Charles and Camela wedding ceremony.

Actually,we had planned to visit so many places around Windsor today .But we couldn't make it, since here(Windsor castle) only, we took about 4 hours just to snap the pictures and entertain karenah budak2. Tu belum masuk castle lagi tu.. The weather was so hot but very nice though and every budak2 start craving for ice cream. Upah if they behave.

Dhodi as usual so 'noti toti', we didn't bring his stroller, lasak mak ai.. so daddy kena dukung, mummy as usual have to dukung camera and hold hamim yg busy nak meet a princess. As her wish..... she met the princess outside the castle...

Hamim was so happy, siap nak bergambar tu, dhodi pun nak join sekali bergambar dgn princess... Daddy was so tired dukung dhodi becoz this budak sooooo lasak.., then mummy pulaks dukung, but if dukung dgn mummy, lasak sikit mummy cubit buntut kuat2 tgk muka dia... merajuk..

YES YES YES... we were really enjoyed and had fun during this holiday.. hilang stress.. hilang busy.. hilang segala kepenatan... penat ape????? penat 'PLAN'

At nite we stayed at Watford travelodge...

Nextday: Legoland

Thursday, 5-Apr-2007 21:22 Email | Share | | Bookmark


Thursday, 29-Mar-2007 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Easter Dance Performance at Temple Primary School

Today pegi nih....

pastu minah2 nih dpt nih....

suka sesgtler diaorg.....
yg tak dapat.... melopong jerk....(adik dhodi ler tuh)
terpaksa ler mummy upah benda lain...

p/s: esok dah start cuti sekolah - easter break - for 2 weeks

Tuesday, 27-Mar-2007 21:10 Email | Share | | Bookmark
We will go for holiday!!! easter break

This coming school break (easter break) we will Tour de South east of England pulakss. We will stay one nite at Windsor, visit the Lego Land next day and straight to Portsmouth. We will stay for 7 days at Caravan at West Sand Park, Selsey. Convoy 2 family sapa lagi k fiza sefamily ler.. nantikan "jutaan"gambar2 kami..

p/s: testing power camera baru (canon 400d)

Monday, 19-Mar-2007 11:15 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Anak yg soleh

Sorry lama tak update, busy like a bees le.. lagipun my time habih halau and buang "Mrs Stubborn fat" nih:-S . Sesuka hati je dia datang tanpa diajak, and rasanya tak pernah pun ajak, but asyik bertenggek jerk tak moh balik. Degil lak tuh:-S , org kata jgn duk lekat dia lekat jugak pastu kita ler yg susah....

Sampai bersawang fp nih ha... ish ish ish.... labah2 pun sempat bersarang.... sian mokcik....

p/s: Holiday again! tour de South East England from 6/4 until 14/4/2007 (caravaning)

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